Here at IT Yuda we carry 2 of the most popular brands of Networking equipment: HP and Cisco. In this range we specialize in Enterprise level Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Wireless and IP Telephony. We also carry all the associated options to keep your network running smoothly.

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  • Aruba Switches

    We are currently stocking the newly branded Aruba range of HP switches plus the modular based 5400R series. We can also supply the majority of recent HP switches and any modules both current and hard to find.

  • Cisco Switches

    We stock all versions of the Cisco 2960, 3650 and 3850 range of Catalyst switches. We also usually stock the Industrial Ethernet switches, 4500X and some other models. Plus all the options, Smartnet and licenses.

  • Power Supplies
  • Network Modules

    We sell a wide range of Cisco and HP modules. These can be broken down into 3 subcategories and are compatible with all current Network switches associated with these brands:

    1) Transceiver modules: These are otherwise known as SFP modules or GBICs. The majority of these modules take the form of 1GB or 10GB formats and come in a variety of speeds, protocols, reaches and supported transmission media.

    2) Expansion modules: These modules allow the expansion of modular based switches to enable extra ports and connectivity options.

    3) Power modules: Either available as a stand alone option for most modular switches or as a redundant option, these enable flexible power needs for your switch environment. Whether its more PoE power or the option to reduce failure we carry the majority of current power modules for all our switches.

  • Cisco Routers

    We stock a variety of Cisco routers in both the Branch and Network Edge ranges at multiple different price points. There are several things to consider when purchasing a new router for your business. Since routers can range in price from around $500 to over $10,000; simply choosing the lowest or highest priced option isn't necessarily a catch all.

    Here are a few things to consider:

    1. Do you need a fixed or wireless solution?
    2. Choose the right routing protocol to build a scalable and stable DMVPN. Some of the most common routing protocols include IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS and BGP.
    3. What kind of security do you need?
    4. What is the maximum throughput of the router and does the router allow for adequate expansion in the future?
    5. What level of management tools does the router allow?

    Cisco has you covered for all eventualities and IT Yuda are more than happy to assist with finding the outer that fits your needs.

  • Cisco Firewalls

    Block more threats and quickly mitigate those that do breach your defenses with the industry’s first threat-focused NGFW. Our Cisco Firepower NGFW appliances combine our proven network firewall with the industry’s most effective next-gen IPS and advanced malware protection. All so you can get more visibility, be more flexible, save more, and protect better.

    Check out the ASA 5500-X series or for smaller networks the ASA 5505.

  • Cisco Wireless

    Wi-Fi has become the primary access network for most organizations. With Cisco® world-class RF equipment and intelligent software, it’s a snap to make your wireless network as fast, reliable, and secure as your wired network. You get loads of extra features for improving spectrum efficiency, performance, and user experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. Cisco wireless access points support the latest Wi-Fi standard – 802.11ac Wave 2 – and offer scalable, fast-throughput controller and switching platforms to go with them. Cisco goes beyond the Wi-Fi standard with innovations that are uniquely positioned to handle the dense volumes of wireless traffic generated by today’s mobile applications, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, and growing numbers of wireless users, devices, and applications, plus the Internet of Things (IoT) connections From access points to controllers to mobility development, location, and analytics, Cisco provides an industry-leading wireless solution (Tables 1 and 2). You get the tools required to achieve RF excellence and security, including: • High-throughput performance from the access network through the core. • Subsecond failover for uninterrupted application availability and greater productivity. • The ability to see and prioritize wireless application traffic so each app gets the resources it needs. • Ruggedization for harsh environments, outdoor deployments, and the IoT. • Unified wired and wireless management. • Mobile app development platforms, location tracking, analytics, and more.

    For more information please see the Cisco Data Sheet:

  • Cisco Phones

    VoIP and Video Phones to Meet a Range of Needs

    In today's business environment, your organization must meet the needs of a wide range of endpoint users with different communication styles and distinct workspaces. Some users want to communicate through their desk phones. Others prefer wireless devices. Still others lean toward soft clients.

    The portfolio of Cisco IP phones includes user-friendly, full-featured IP phones to meet the needs of your entire organization, in areas ranging from:

    • The company lobby to the desks of your busiest managers
    • The manufacturing floor to the executive suite
    • The home office to the branch location and corporate offices, both small and large

    Many Cisco IP Phones in the portfolio deliver new modes of collaboration, such as integrated HD voice, video, web conferencing, USB peripherals for extensibility and Bluetooth.

    The portfolio includes:

    Single- and Multi-Line VoIP Phones
    These support a range of communication needs, from low-use to the most active-use environments

    Basic to Full-Featured IP Phones
    Our phones use Cisco Collaboration Solutions to cost-effectively meet your corporate objectives and boost profits.

    HD Video Communications (Select Models)
    See how this helps you reduce your travel costs and speed decision-making

    Applications from Cisco Developer Partners
    Enjoy a more personalized and productive IP phone experience with an array of business applications.

    Your Choice of Deployment Options
    Support for on-premises, from the cloud, or use a hybrid deployment of the two, based on your business needs

    Centralized Management
    Simplify administration with remote access. On some models, employees can register and activate phones themselves.

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